Friday January 22, 2021

We had a busy week. The Pierce Kingans released a new EP, Nobel Pierce Prize, our new signing Bladee 2 did a live stream concert and Shame Spiral released our debut album, Dictaphone Future, sung entirely in Russian. Check out the new music in our RELEASES section and stay tuned for some recorded music by Bladee 2 soon.

Friday January 1, 2021

Hello world. All previous news posts have been relegated to the archive section of the website. Join the tumbleweeds over there for some nostalgic action of the plain text variety going back more than a decade.

I finally sat down and updated the website. 19 releases have been added and I think that puts us completely up to date. I have disabled our webstore for the time being but any old tapes we have in stock are yours for the price of postage. If you want to support any of the artists, please support them directly via their bandcamp pages. If you need help getting in touch with any of the artists or want some tapes, email me.

Pink Band is putting out a very good album today, Boney Legs. The editing by dad aka me is pretty heavy handed on this release, but I was originally trying to make the songs into a Hurricane Ripped My Jacket album, layering and looping and editing things in ways that I thought would make it sound like that project. I gave up and this is the result. It really is good though.

We will have many releases this year. The Pierce Kingans will be releasing an EP later this month and a double EP cassette in February, Death Talks has an untitled LP ready to go, Sort of Damocles and Sentimental Jug Band are putting the finishing touches on a guaranteed smash album, Pink Band has two albums waiting for covers...we will see what comes out when and I'll update the website when I get around to it.

Thank you for your support.