The Pierce Kingans l Pierce of Cake

Available April 6, 2019

Sort of Damocles w/ Sentimental Jug Band l Shame + Obligations

Available September 28, 2018

Heavy Steps l Infinity Rope

Available September 21, 2018

Esteban Blanco l Balloons

Available September 14, 2018

Wars l Huge Grant

Available June 15, 2018

Poor Baby l A Personal Apocalypse

Available June 1, 2018

Death Talks l Rock'n'Roll Machine

Available May 14, 2018

Poo Thousand l Number Two

Available April 20, 2018

Shame Spiral l Demonstration III: Mouthsore

Available October 20, 2017

Shame Spiral l Demonstration IV: Drive Home Live at Red Cat

Available June 2, 2017

Cameron MacLeod l Icon of an Orange Juice Container

Available May 26, 2017

Eine Kleine China l Feels Industry

Available April 21, 2017

POOR BABY l By A Landslide

Available March 10, 2017


Available October 21, 2016

CANDELA FARM l Dieuxieme

Available October 14, 2016

SORT OF DAMOCLES l When I Die Throw My Body In The Garbage

Available October 7, 2016

SHAME SPIRAL l Demonstration I: Away Team Cheerleader EP

Available August 12, 2016

SHAME SPIRAL l Demonstration II: Drive Home EP

Available May 27, 2016

SORT OF DAMOCLES l Goat Prayer / Life Is Shit

Available March 18, 2016

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